Frequently Asked Questions

What is TaylorCraft?

TaylorCraft is an Minecraft community with Survival, Factions, Creaitve and KitPvP servers all networked together into one!

Whats the IP? is our server IP, feel free to join!

How do I become member on the Survival server?

Becoming a member on Survival is simple! All you have to do is build a house that has the Minecraft essentials inside! This means that your home must have a furnace, crafting bentch and a chest; make sure you lock your containers!

How do i lock containers on Survival?

All you have to do is place a sign on the container!

How do i lock doors on Survival?

All you have to do is place a sign above or on the door with [Private] on the top line!

I got griefed on Survival! What do I do?

Don't worry! All you have to do is /modreq I got griefed! and a staff member will come and save the day! Yes, griefs do get fixed on survival!

Help I've been banned!?

Oh no! Just head over here and appeal to the ban, we will review the appeal and hopefully you will get unbanned!

How do i get VIP membership for the server?

Just head over to our store by clicking the link on the navbar above, or if you don't feel like browsing a website just type /buy into the server chat!

What do i get with a VIP membership?

You get a load of cool stuff! Just head over here and click more info on the package you want to see!

How do i switch to other networked servers?

Switching servers is simple, you can just head to spawn and click on one of the signs! Alternativly you can do /<servername> to join other networked servers!

Can i have OP/become staff?

No! You may not have OP, infact we don't give OP to anyone other then owners!

We're not currently looking for people to join our staff team, sorry about that!

Where is the server located?

Our server is hosted by Hetzner in there datacenter located in Falkenstein, Germany!

What hardware does the server have?

We currently run on a server with an Intel® Core™ i7-4770 Quadcore Haswell processor, 32GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB VRAM and dual 256GB SSDs in Raid 1. Oh and how can we forget about the 1 Gb/s down and up streams?